Tales From Topographic Oceans

Released 1973
The Revealing Science Of God - Dance Of The Dawn (20:27)
The Remembering - High The Memory (20:38)
The Ancient - Giants Under The Sun (18:34)
Ritual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil (21:35)


1973 Atlantic
CD: 82683-2 (remastered) 2 CDs

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitars, vocals
Chris Squire- bass & vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Alan White- drums and percussion

Produced by Yes and Eddie Offord
Lyrics by Anderson/Howe
Music by Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White


This is Yes' love it or hate it album.

The album was the brainchild of Jon Anderson and is based on the Schastic Scriptures from Autobiography Of Yogi.
Many Yes fans regard this as the greatest Yes album ever made.

However, it caused much controversy, even within the band itself, leading to Rick Wakeman departing the band (for the first time) after the tour to support the album.